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Social Services 

Resource Navigation 

We explore local & national resources to help homeless veterans and their families get on their feet.  

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Non-clinical Case Management

We hold each client accountable to the utilization of resources.  We research program eligibility, cost of services and application process for federal agencies and local organizations. In collaboration with like-minded organizations, we assist in the process of obtaining VA benefits, SSDI/ SSI, medicaid/ medicare and much more. 

Office Work

Welcome Baskets 

When a client is homeless, hygiene products can be affordable. We supply a month supply of hygiene product, cleaning supplies, clean linens, and much more for clients to get clean and focus on future needs. 

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Collaboration Efforts

Lise Lavergne, Health and Life Coach is the owner of Finding Your Next Best Steps. Finding Your Next Best Steps has assisted residents at Comradery House to refocus their mind on building short and long term goals promoting sustainability. The services Lisa provides allow the residents to achieve minor changes that result in achieving their larger vision of their success. 

We are excited to have Lisa apart of the Change Haven family! Thank you Lisa for you do and will continue to do in the future.