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Comradery Guest House


Comradery House is an on-site housing facility focused on keeping homeless veterans and their families safe, warm, and together as they build their life. 


Residents are provided with basic necessities including a Welcome basket filled with laundry detergent, bathing items, towels, and much more. Residents are shown where "house" food stored to encourage hot meals. Rooms are provided with clean linens, blankets, pillows, and security of personal items.  


Services include case management, budget management, credit repair, behavioral health, emotional intelligence, and so much more! 

Residential Leaders


Why partner with Change Haven's Comradery House?

  • Average motel (Motel 6) cost over $104 for 2 people ( = $728.00 for 7 days of motel stay.

  • Average homeless Veteran locating housing is 30-60 days 

  • 30 days in motel = $3120.00

  • Families pay more for motel costs

  • MOST homeless veterans seeking assistance are unable to afford motel costs 

  • Keep the family together. Safe and warm.