In 2019, Colorado had an estimated 9,619 experiencing homelessness on any given day

How we impact 

Change Haven â€‹empowers veterans and their families to obtain independence by providing emergency housing and innovative employment strategies promoting long-term self-sufficiency.  

Current Veterans waiting to be sponsored

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Veterans in need

We will be requesting donations for veterans experiencing homelessness. The veterans featured are individuals who are requesting sponsorship for a 1-month housing opportunity at the Comradery House. Sponsorships or donations of any amount will be utilized to support their housing initiatives and future sustainability.  

Thank you, Sponsors, for housing these  Veterans


We will be providing updates of homeless veterans and their families.


We want our donors to know where and how their donations are helping our veterans and the outcome of those families. 



Current Programs

Comradery House is a housing program providing emergency housing to veterans and their families who are without a safe place to lay their heads while they get on their feet.  

OpCentral Virtual Solutions is an employment program offering military spouses, veterans, and their dependents the opportunity to earn an income remotely as an Independent Contractor. OCVS provides mentors, collaborators, and career development to increase skills and entrepreneurship.  

Social Services offers local and national resource navigation to residents at the Comradery House. We partner with the veteran to defeat barriers, locate opportunities for self-growth, and ignite positive change.

We believe change begins by changing our mindset.     

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